Thursday, May 26, 2005

If you could receive a penny for every website on the net that promises to speed up your Internet Service, you would be rich. You will find a massive amount of software programs that promise to speed up your connection for free! Beware of these types of programs because they contain spy ware to make a profit. provides a software solution that will turn your dialup into near broadband speeds at a very low cost. It can be used anywhere in the world without the need to change your Internet Service Provider.

You cannot physically change the speed of your Internet connection., powered by Onspeed uses Content Sensitive Compression (CSC) to compress each element you request from a web page or email message.

What is CSC?
When your web browser requests a web page, the Onspeed software redirects that request to the Compression Servers. The web page content is compressed and then sent back to the Onspeed software which decompresses it and sends it to the browser. Tests have shown that using Onspeed with the Opera browser provides even faster results.

At the moment Onspeed has dedicated algorithms for: Photo-realistic images, line art and drawings, animated objects, HTML objects, text, office documents such as word, excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. Onspeed is constantly working with technology to achieve new algorithms to improve and enhance your Internet experience.

What are algorithms?
Algorithms are a computable set of steps to achieve a desired result. By late 2004, Onspeed will have MP3 files, flash, and Mpeg4 for video available, achieving a 300% - 500% speed increase. Team 2004

About the Author

William Clewis is a Business System Analyst working in Omaha, Nebraska. He graduated from Bellevue University with a BS in E-Business in 2000.

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